Senovážné náměstí

Senovážné náměstí
Location: Brno, Czech Republic
Cycle: Reframed
Technique: acrylic, wood, canvas, steel
Year: 2012
Realization: Petr Dub
Technical support: Jana Bernartová & Jiří Kučera
Photo documentation: Zdeněk Porcal
Space: Gallery and showroom
Architects: Studio Mitte (2011)

“In the past, fine art was created in contact with interiors and exteriors of buildings. Nowadays it seems that this environment has lost its dominant position. To put it simply, it may be said that art has moved into galleries, museums, or specifically staged public space. In these institutions, art projects become possession of everyone and no one at the same time. Cold exhibition space and quiet collective contemplation imposed by the circumstances deprive us of the ability to perceive art individually or even as a direct imprint of ourselves or the owner’s personality. We have become accustomed to seeing art in galleries, yet we prefer to hang an IKEA wallpaper above the bed. We like art but we do not allow artists in our flats. According to the “Kvalitář” website, this situation is intolerable, thus offering a possibility how to re-establish a closer relationship with architecture and design.”

(Extract from the project’s press release)
The installation for the inaugurating exhibition of the “Kvalitář” project. For more information on the exhibition and cooperation with the Mitte studio, please visit www.kvalitar.cz.